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    Create CIs using one window

    Motaz ITSMMVPGroup

      Hello there,


      I have a requirement to have one form to create all types of CIs using one form. I thought of using the Configuration Item Process and form to achieve this but I am getting the below error message whenever I try to create any CI:



      The window that I am using is as below:


      And below is the Configuration Item process:



      Can you please assist? If there is any other way to achieve the requirements then I can also give it a try.



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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Ive personally not tried that as I normally just launch each process from specific CI Type shortcuts myself rather than direct to the Configuration Item parent.


          It’s interesting though if you create a CI type via process automatic action you can set the subtype via valuetype, so in this can from the dropdown on your main window.



          MarXtar Ltd

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            Motaz ITSMMVPGroup

            This is what I have been trying to convince our customer with. But they want is to have one shortcut that opens a form which then creates the asset instead of having one for each type (like workstation, server, firewall...etc.)


            Can you provide more details about creating a subtype? I am already trying something similar but not sure if it is gonna work.

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              Motaz ITSMMVPGroup

              I managed to solve my issue. I used another module to create the CIs with a simple form and process. as a test I used the call management module and added few attributes related to the assets (Like Asset Name, IP Address...etc.). Then I added a create related action on the Configuration Item object (within the same module). Once all of these were done, I created the below process:



              And used the Configuration Item form to copy the values from the Call Management main window into the CI window and create the CI accordingly (After selecting the type from the main form as well).



              While testing, I also managed to get another way to do this by using a manual action to create the CI instead of the automatic action as described above. By using the manual action, the process will take you directly into the CI form and you can just fill the details from there (No value copying is needed in this case).

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                Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                Yes  as i said in my response it works from a process automatic action, so glad my suggestion worked for you.


                Merry Christmas