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    Set MDM Managed Device's Name?


      I'm looking to be able to set the name of a MDM Managed device from within Ivanti. The purpose of this is we can set the name and when it gets re provisioned it will auto get the stored name if there is one

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          Casity.chris SupportEmployee

          Hello TJ,


          Unfortunately, this isn't possible. We pull the device name from the device so that the information is accurate, just like how we do with the managed computers.


          It sounds like you would like the device to pick up its old settings once reset. The nice thing about factory resets is that it removes all the old settings in case they were causing issues for you or you are getting rid of the device. You wouldn't want to give away a device that has your information on it, would you?


          I can see where this would be useful when managing BYOD devices, however, it is not something that the software is currently able to do. If you are interested in seeing that feature in the product, please raise an enhancement request here.


          I hope this helps.




          Chris Casity