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    Unexpected Error - Item has already been added. Key in dictionary....

    ChrisM Rookie

      Came back today after the Christmas break and mid morning we noticed Landesk hang/running slowly, it went back to normal then half our analysts are now seeing this error message when they try to perform an action in Requests/Changes/Incidents:




      Other users can close the same tickets with the same actions so it appears to be user related, tried different PC's, browsers etc and the same users have the same error when they perform most actions within Ivanti. This happens in both Workspaces and WebDesk


      I have recycled the application pool, IIS resets... not really sure what else to do now. I will log with support if nobody has any ideas. We have some people with personalised dashboards and the affected users all have personalised dashboards but others who have them dont get the error.