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    Call IEM webservice to populate CMDB

    alouhichi2 Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I am looking to populate CMDB from IEM (Formerly LDMS)

      It seems that ISM supports IEM connector but after many tests scenarios there is an issue with this (I have a case with support and seems that is a defect and will be fixed on 2018 version)


      Looking for a workaroud, I have the idea to call the LDMS web service method 'http://serverIEM/MBSDKService/MsgSDK.asmx/ListMachines?filter=all' from IMS


      I have an error when I create the connecion


      Doses any one has any idea how to solve this and at least if WS is not finished (beta version) have a workaround to be able to populate data from IEM


      Many thanks