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    Provisioning failing at second HII driver check


      Hey everyone,

      Running into an issue with provisioning that's hit or miss on the same model of Lenovo PC's. These computers have successfully imaged before, with our current driver repository. We are getting random failures on our second driver check after Windows 10 is installed. One of the strange things about this is that the template is not set to fail if this second driver check does not complete, but it will fail. Where would I find the logs to look into this further? Also I remember an Ivanti webinar where they talked about issues with USB 3.0 and provisioning, could that have anything to do with it? Why would we all of a sudden have a driver issue with the same drivers we've been using on the same systems we've been imaging.

      Any help will be appreciated


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So ....


          you might want to list:

          • What version of LDMS / EPM you're on (and it's service pack level). That usually helps.
          • Might be relevant knowing which particular model of hardware we're talking (some are more prone to being difficult than others).
          • When you say "hit and miss" - are we talking about "the same specific DEVICE sometimes works / sometimes doesn't work", or are we talking "the same MODEL sometimes works / doesn't work - but individual devices do consistently fail/succeed all the time"?

            The latter is an important distinction, as even though you may have 100 "Model XYZ" devices from one vendor, they may be in fact QUITE different (one of the beefs I've had with the OEM's for a long time). From using different NIC's to using QUITE disparate sillicone elsewhere, just because you have two identical model bages doesn't mean they're that identical on the inside.


          So - for USB 3 to be detected / detectable requires a reboot after you install the initial chipset driver. Just one of those things about it ... it won't be detected on the first pass. The webinar was mainly on "how to cope successfully" with USB 3.


          There's this:

          - How to install USB 3.0 devices during OS Provisioning


          You can search all Momentum webinars we hosted (here's one with a pre-search on "Provisioning"):

          - https://community.ivanti.com/search.jspa?q=Provisioning&place=%2Fplaces%2F111834&depth=ALL


          ... there's this Troubleshooting webinar which might be the one you speak of:

          - [Tech Brief On-Demand Webinar 2017] Technical Provisioning Configuration and Troubleshooting


          Does that help?