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    Question on Audit objects

    nick2 Apprentice

      This is a multi part question. First I am trying to include Audit History and all the other pertinent tabs our Audit department wants to print out from each of the modules Incident Service Request and Change. I have noticed a few things I have questions on. Audit_History relationship is not audited strangely enough in the main module objects. That was different from the relationships that are included in the OOB reports as the Audit box is checked for Journal, Tasks, etc... Also Audit_Incident does not have a form OOB only a list. If I want this to even be available as a search I need to create a form for this. We have done this for oher Objects but I was a little cautious before I tinkered with audit. I wish there was an OOB example that I could at least see how it as done. Sorry for the verbose explanation.


      Is the audit box in the relationship in Incident needed to be checked to render the report in Incident? (I figure this logic will pertain to the others)

      Can I create the form in Audit_Incident with no negative impact or gotchas later?