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    Issues with InstallEase

    ferrispd Apprentice

      Hello all,

          I have been trying to use InstallEase to create MSI packages for deployment.  I have been unable to create an installer that successfully performs the process. 

      I have had a variety of errors in my testing.  One consistent one referenced some registry keys that had no value, and the MSI could not be created.  This persisted no matter how much I removed from the snapshot.  I did an easy one, where I copied files to the Program Files (x86) directory and then created links to those files and placed them on the desktop.  I was able to complete the process and an MSI file was generated.  After reverting the changes I made so I could test the installer, I attempted to use this MSI.  The "Gathering required Information" part takes longer that I have seen on other MSI installers.  I am not sure if that is related.  I get an error that it could not write a value to a key in the registry.  That I should check if I have sufficient privileges.


      For reference, the details of this test environment are.  The OS is Windows 10 (latest build and updates) running as a VM (hyper-V).  Using a local user account that has admin privileges.  The Host OS is also a Windows 10 (latest build and updates) running on a Workstation laptop (Xeon processor, ECC RAM, etc).


      Any thoughts are appreciated.