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    Hide empty fields with empty drop-downs

    ALandl Rookie

      We have some categories that have no associated subcategories.


      Is it possible to hide the subcategory field on the incident form when there are no subcategories to pick from?

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          IJU Rookie

          Hello ALandl,


          there might be an option but you'd need to fiddle around a bit.

          You could try to create a new boolean field "SubCategoryAttached" in the "Category" Business Object which stores whether there is any SubCategory attached to that Category or not. After creating the field all you need to do is to create two triggered actions in the Category Business Object which get triggered by the Link- and Unlink of an SubCategory. The triggered action then triggers an Update Action which updates the "SubCategoryAttached" field via ChildFold: Set the field to true if the ChildFold returns 1 or more. Else set the field to false.


          Now build a equivalent field in the Incident (or whatever Business Object you're using a category and subcategory) and let it be updated by a Editing Rule whenever the Category is updated: Expression: $([OtherObject]SubCategoryAttached)

          You can use the field to control the visibility of the SubCategory on the form.


          Complicated but the only way I can think of for now.


          Kind regards

          Immanuel Jungheim

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            ALandl Rookie

            Thanks for the reply.


            Yes I can see that working, but since I would also have to create the relationship between category and subcategory (they are not related out of the box), I don't think I will use such a complicated solution for what is really just a minor annoyance.

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              IJU Rookie

              Hello ALandl.


              You're right. Pretty complicated. Another solution could be to have a "dummy" Subcategory for all Categories which don't have any. Have the picklist set up to choose the only existing entry if there isn't any other. This would fill in the "dummy" when there's not other Subcategory. Your visibility rule could then hide the SubCategory field when there's dummy in the field. But again...as well complicated.


              Beste Grüße / Best Regards


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                ALandl Rookie

                I like this idea. Thanks for your help.