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    HEAT ITSM: upgrading from 2015.2.2 to 2017.2.1


      Hello all,

      I am new to the on-prem HEAT world - most of my HEAT experience has been with the cloud versions of HEAT. That said, I've been asked to upgrade our current on-prem environment from 2015.2.2 to 2017.2.1. My first few attempts at upgrading were a failure unfortunately. The software installs w/o issues. The errors/issues I am getting happen during the configuration phase of the software with the DB's. Regardless of what I try (exact copy of DB, brand new DB and server, copy of DB w/o data, etc), I keep getting DB errors (see below). This is where you guys come in! What I missing? Do I start with an exact DB copy? new DB? etc.


      As always, I appreciated you comments, advice and guidance. Thanks in advance!




      Current Test Environment


      New Test Environment