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    Email Listener - Exchange rules

    tdale@lynden.com Apprentice

      We are looking to enable our listener for our Help Desk email address.  We have several mailbox rules set up to move emails to folders and delete emails that are spam.  We want to know if any of the community members know if Exchange will process these rules before Heat creates incidents out of the mail.  Currently we have an analyst triage the email then send it to our temporary listener address in Heat SM 2017.2.  Then they change the requester to the actual customer once the incident has been created.  This adds additional steps and email!

      Interested in how other customers handle the listener. 

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi tdale,


          I've not heard of any customers with custom rules in exchange on their listener accounts.  Usually the inbox is where the listener is looking, however this is configurable.  If you need special rules run or manual interaction prior to ISM picking up the emails then I would suggest making a folder alongside the Inbox and pointing your Inbox settings in ISM to that folder.  After that's been set up, have your agents or exchange-side automation do their work and when complete drop the emails into that custom folder when they are ready for ISM to process.


          There's also a lot of automation that can take place in ISM.  You might look into the capabilities of the XML/XSLT listener.  It can essentially parse your emails any way you need so you might be able to set up the automation there to do what you are currently handling with exchange and manual interactions.



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            tdale@lynden.com Apprentice

            Thanks for your advice.  We will give this some thought and a try.