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    Advice regarding query creation

    CAGreen Apprentice



      I'm trying to create (what should be) a simple query to show the Resolution Categories.


      As the details I want to capture live in the Incident Management Module / Resolution Object / Category Attribute I have pulled over the category.title attribute.


      When I test the query the results show (see screenshot) part of the resolution category, for example Service Request completed.  What I actually want to see is something like Castle - Castle - Service Request Completed, this way my manager can see what the name of the service was in terms of resolving the issue rather than seeing the last part of the category, in this case service request completed.



      I understand that the last part of the resolution category is being shown but I want the full details so I know what service was affected.  I have also attached a screenshot showing the Categories within the Admin section of the console.


      Looking at my resolution window the only attribute that details the information I want appears to be Category, perhaps what I am trying to do is impossible (due to the way it was configured years ago)