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    How to change sort by default on Knowledge Base self service mobile UI?

    libbywhite Apprentice

      How can I change the sort by value to default to most viewed rather than best rating on the knowledge base in self service mobile UI?


      I would prefer the search to return best match however we seem limited to the sort by field.  Is there anyway to turn this sort by off and return by best match?

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi libbywhite,


          I've had a look around in the options for the Mobile UI and I'm not seeing any way to configure this.  I suggest you log this as a feature request on the user voice portal.  More details on that process are below.  Please post the link to this thread when you've logged it and I'll throw my vote at it as this sounds like a great hing to have the ability to customize.




          The functionality that you are looking for is not currently available in the product.  Our product management teams are always looking for new ideas to help us improve our products and we know the best ideas come from customers that use our products every day.


          We would therefore encourage that you consider submitting a suggestion in our Feature Request portal via the Ivanti Community Ideas homepage


          You can submit ideas and show support for ideas that other customers have submitted by voting for them. The more votes an idea receives, the more visibility it receives with our Product Management team. The Product Management team will evaluate all ideas that reach a voted point threshold. When there is an update on the status, an Ivanti product manager will reply to the idea or update the status so that all interested parties are notified. It is therefore key that you as a customer raise new or vote on exiting ideas to be kept looped in with future progress.


          When you create an idea, please describe both the problem or pain you're experiencing as well as your suggested solution to that problem. It can also be useful to describe specifically how you would use the new feature if it were built, as well as how you are dealing with the problem today. The better your explanation and logic, the better your chances of attracting positive votes from other users and ensuring a response from Product Management.

          Thanks in advance for your feedback.

          Kind regards,


          If you have any other comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


          Ivanti Community Ideas Homepage: https://community.ivanti.com/community/enhancementrequests