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    Policy Types & Software Deployment Portal




      I am trying to find a good way to consistently deploy software and have the backup of the user being able to install the package from the Software deployment portal.


      I am currently Setting the Job as a Policy, Required, Once Only. This is great to get it out there, but if there is a delay between it getting installed I want the user to be able to kick it off.


      From my reading I see that only Policys with Recommended or Optional will end up in Software Deployment Portal. If I want to use a policy and software deployment portal, What are the effects of Using Say Recommended as the policy instead. Will it still be installed and retryed until success? Or does it not try to force it to install?



      Thanks in advance.

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          zman Master

          Sounds like you want a automated way to install the application and then a way for the user to install it again (maintenance, roaming users, etc..) Then you will need:


          1. Required policy or policy supported push (PSP). This will install the software initially. Policy supported push is a combo of an initial push then a required policy. I would use a PSP.
          2. I would then have an Optional policy as desired so the user can reinstall the application.


          This is somewhat covered on page 187-188 in the manual. Depending on your targets (machines/ldap users), the application will be installed wherever they roam (ldap/user only). This can be either a blessing or course depending on the applications licensing.

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            I find that with PSP if the machines are off (and 50% of my fleet is not onsite at the same time) then it fails, never becomes a policy and never gets installed. It sitsd in a failed state not a pending state. Is this correct?


            This means that the software never installs.


            I am more trying to acheive 100% covereage, hence the policy, but a backup of Software Deployment incase the agent hasn't run and it is urgent to have it then and there.


            I am more tryng to find the difference between a requirted and recommended policy. Do recommended policies get automatically installed by the agent?

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              zman Master

              Well if a PSP does the push and turns into a required policy and is not being installed by the client you may have an issue.


              1. What version of the LANDesk/SP are you running?
              2. How often do you have your clients configured to run policy distribution (set in the agent configuration)?


              Really can't diagnose policy distribution without versions since there is a big difference between 8.8 and 8.7.



              Recommended: Users have the choice of when to install recommended policies. Recommended policies are selected by default on the device UI.


              Required: The policy-based management agent automatically applies required policies without user intervention. You can configure required policies to run silently. Any UI that appears on the device while a required task is installing should be non-blocking; in other words, the application being installed shouldn't require user input.


              A required policy will run automagically without user intervention and a recommended will only be selected when the users runs the portal (8.8) or amcleint (<8.8).


              It should show failed if the machine is off, when the machine is powered back on then the software distribution components will run based on how they are set in the agent config and communicated to the core and run all required policies.

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                Thanks Zman, your actually spot on. On closer inspection there were couple of errors in the PSP regarding to a failure, but not relevant to this discussion. The PSP seems to be working correctly.


                8.8 SP3

                and agent scans every day, and spyware once a week.



                So in summing up. The only way i can acheive it is a PSP, and a 2nd job entirely using a policy (either recommended or optional) to give them the ability to maunally launch it.

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                  zman Master

                  Well we have some pretty creative users around here, so you may get some alternative solutions. The way I've suggested is the way I've been doing it for years and it does work.  The down side is that you have two scheduled tasks to maintain. I guess it would be nice to have some form of Hybrid delivery method (psp and optional combined (push, required policy, but is also listed as optional),