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    erreur dans le document XML (1, 1)




      I am beginner with IVANTI Service Desk (Catalog of service).

      A user made (generic request) with manager validation.

      We try to connect as Analyst an approuve the request before manager, we did not succeed.

      We have only try to edit/close the element edited of the request without any modification in fact.

      But few clics after, we get this error message which make this request impossible to managed.


      It seems to be a problem in the request process design, but I don't know how/what to do.

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          It is most likely to be an error in a calculated condition in your process and this sort of error typically occurs because the calc has insufficient null checking.


          ie say your calc does this...


          if mycategoryobj.fullname == ‘xyz123’:


          ... but you havent set the category field at the point the calc runs then you’d get this sort of ”XML(1,1)” error.


          so instead you’d trap the null object first and because logical tests support ”short-circuiting” you could do...


          if mycategoryobj != null and mycategoryobj.fullname == ‘xyz123’:


          You can get away with not null checking some objects (status, class, etc) as they are always set by the system but others need to be checked for nulls to be safe.


          In your case turn on diagnostic logging for calcs in ConfigurationCenter and create the error again and check the log file to give you a better clue of the calc that is failing.



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