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    Attached files not linking from Outlook to GM


      We just upgraded to GM 2017.1.0.422 figuring it would be a stable, bug-free version.  In working with Goldmine Plus to link messages from Outlook 2016 to GM, I'm finding inconsistencies with attached files.  Most are not coming across.  At least, the important files are not coming across.  The noise of logo files and icon files, they make it across, but not the important pdf or doc files.  But not all the time, some do make it.  I've re-installed GM, did the repair option, on a remote workstation, a laptop running SQL Server 2008.


      Help!  (I can't even post this to the right group, so if any kind folks can forward to the right person/group, I'd appreciate it)


      Manny Olmedo