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    Tracking a release to multiple CI's

    TheBlueNova Apprentice

      Looking for examples of how other HEAT users track the progress of a release to multiple CI's

      Say for example replacing PC's in a specific role at 20 factories.

      Each PC has a number of setup steps that must be done in the correct order, and steps cant be missed.

      Looking at what the Release module can do in HEAT, each PC needs its own task to track technicians time and a milestone so you have the checklist to keep track of the steps complete.

      Downside i found here is checklists don't have a configurable order, so creating reusable templates for milestones leaves the milestone's checklist muddled.


      Looking for hints/tips of how you track such roll outs in heat at your organisation.

      As a side note, does anyone know of documentation that presents various scenarios like this, and practical steps/workflows/Best practices you would use to track them in HEAT? I've been through the HEAT user and admin docs, and they don't quite hit the spot.