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    Button to open a link in a new browser window. Link is stored in a field.

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      in CI, we've created a new sub object which is called CI.Networkdevice. The object contains a field which holds a link to Solarwinds in it. The field is called "SolarwindUrl_CSL".

      We wanted to have a button on the header form to direct open the link:


      The button calls a quick action which looks like this:


      When we now run the QA from the button it looks like the system is not able to use the field in the db with the link:


      If I add the whole URL as text into the QA it works. But this is not what we want ti archive. Each Network device has it's own link in the DB. We want to enable to users to open the link by just cklicking the button. If I use the "URL Button" on the form and set the field as URL the information is removed after reopening the form.


      Can anybody help us with this topic?