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    Cannot update latest microsoft vulnerability patches

    AYuserBS Rookie

      Hello to all,


      I'm completely new to Landesk so I apologise if the question may be trivial.

      I need to check the situation of a customer's environment who uses Landesk 9.6 and recently renewed the license.

      He was using Landesk for patching Windows clients only.


      First of all I need to understand if the license is correct, and I think yes:



      I tried to download the latest Microsoft patches, since for what I know they were still stuck at 2015...

      The download process seems to go well, but then I have this situation:


      1 - on Patch and Compliance tool, I can see that some of the updates after 2015 have an icon with a question mark, some others with a red cross:



      What do these icons mean?


      2 - in the Patches folder, even deleting all what it was inside and re-launching the update task, the "new" downloaded patches arrive to the same date (more or less 7/2015).


      I can't understand if it's a matter of license or configuration, I need to download all the new patches in order to deploy them.


      Can you help me?


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          rmeyer SupportEmployee

          The license appears to be good. The red x in the icon indicates it is in the Do Not Scan folder. The ? in the icon indicates it is in the Unassigned folder. Make sure the filters along the top of the window are set to All Types, Global (all devices) and All Items so you can see all content. Make sure you are looking in the All Items folder to see if you see the new content. If this does not resolve it then you should open a case with support to get help with this.