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    CI Location

    Gazz Apprentice



      When our system was originally designed we had numerous CItypes designed to suite our environment e.g. Mobile device, Wifi Dongle.... What we have no discovered it that our dashboards are not populating as the "CI Location" field was substituted on the new pages with "Physical Location" however on the workstation CI page CI Location is being used. Now when we attempt to create a saved search using CI > CI Location the "CI Location" is not listed however Physical location is list. The issue is that I cannot create a saved search and populate the dashboard with the location as I cannot filter on "CI Location". 


      How do I make the "CI Location" field available in the CI search and the "group by" shown below?


      Workstation CI Type with "CI Location"

      Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 21.18.12.png


      Saved Search with no "CI Location"

      Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 21.12.05.png


      Dashboard with no "CI Location"

      Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 21.15.49.png

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          TKeen Apprentice



          The field you are trying to find called "CI Location" within the Form is actually called "DeviceLocationLink".


          "DeviceLocationLink" should be available within the saved search and also the dashboard to Group the Dashboard Part by DeviceLocationLink.


          Example below is the saved search:


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            Gazz Apprentice



            I tested this previously however when I use the "DeviceLocationLink" on the dashboard the Location names are not displayed, the below is what I get. Note the second last bar totalling 1146 devices is the exception as these do not have locations associated for some reason.








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              TKeen Apprentice

              OK to get around this please try the following:


              Step 1

              Create  a new text field with the business object CI called


              Step 2

              Create new Business Rule within CI - Calculation Rule:


              Step 3

              Use the new field for this example AC_LocationName for the Grouped field in the dashboard.


              Best regards,


              Tom Keen - CTMS

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                Gazz Apprentice

                Works a treat thanks Tom.