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    Import and search for Reusable Conditions in templates

    ThomasSchoepf Apprentice

      Hi to all,


      we often Export EM templates from DEV Environment and Import them in the Production System.


      In our new config we use Reusable Conditions to check the target computertype.

      When we Import an template the reusable condition was also imported even tough the condition exists. I think this behavior is by design because the internal LinkID from the reusable condition is an different one.

      Can i Change the internal LinkID after Import?

      Or ist there an better way to handle templates with reusable conditions?


      We also tryed to search for the name of the reusable condition. But the built in find function from EM did only find the "reusable condition" byself and not the linked objects in the configuration ....

      We use the Version 10.1 FR3.



      Kind Regards