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    how to send an email for change reminder


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      My Change manager would like to have email reminders to go out to all Change Owners where the Change Status is Requested or Scheduled and ScheduledEndDate is before the current day. It's really easy to find these changes, but I'm having trouble figuring out the best place to setup the automation.


      I thought a workflow at first, but I couldn't figure out how to test the current date against the ScheduledEndDate in a loop.

      I didn't seem to be able to make a Business Rule Trigger test work with the two Statuses. Maybe I should do two triggers? One for each status with an expression to test the ScheduledEndDate.


      If anyone has done this before or could point me in a direction, that would be helpful.





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          TKeen Apprentice

          Hi John,


          I am sure there are a few ways in doing this. I am going to show you one way in doing this by using a scheduled Job which will run every few hours.


          Step 1

          Have a saved search (which you already have)


          Step 2

          Create a quick Action (Notification) within the change business Object and publish to Administrator


          Step 3

          Create a Scheduled Job within configure Application. For this example I have created an Hourly Job re-occurring every 4 hours:

          Step 4

          Create a new Workflow within the Business Object of "Schedule Entry":

          * Trigger it to run from your new Scheduled Job

          * Add a "Run for Search Block" to the workflow:

          * Within the Run for search you can now select the Saved Search Definition and select the Change notification Quick Action built from Step 2.


          When you publish this workflow it will run from the scheduled Job, for this instance every 4 hours and send out a reminder to the change owners relating to the saved search.


          Hope this helps


          Best regards,


          Tom Keen - CTMS

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            Thank you Tom!


            I have/had all the pieces and forgot about scheduled jobs. I got stuck trying to figure out how to keep testing the date after qualifying the change in a workflow.


            This was very helpful! My Change Manager and I thank you!


            John Martinez

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              MarkLarvo Specialist



              Thank you for laying this out so clearly! I am a new admin and now looking into notification automation.


              Is there a way to apply this to a list type report and send to all people on the list?

              OR, can I create a single notification that would summarize all open Changes for a single individual?

              User 1 would have 1 line item

              User 2 would have 5 line item.

              Each use would get their own email.


              I would us something similar for a daily or weekly Task notification to a Team's Manager.


              If you even know of help articles to direct me to it would be appreciated.


              Thank you! Mark.

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                TKeen Apprentice

                Hi Mark,


                To point you in the correct direction you can use an expression function - ForEachChild


                and use the relationship between Change and employee within the expression.


                Here is a link to the help page for this expression:




                You could add the expression to an update quick action within a New field within the change business object inside a workflow where you would then run weekly/Hourly etc..


                Best regards,




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                  MarkLarvo Specialist



                  Ah! Terrific! I will look into this. Thanks for the pointers!