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    Best Practice - Relationship or Validated Field

    CHiege Rookie



      I've a question regarding best practice. We'd like to be able to assign Problems to an organizational unit and IMHO this could be done in two ways.

      1. Creating a validated field populated by the organizational unit picklist.

      2. Creating a link field and a relationship to organizational unit (one to many seen from org unit)


      Both ways work fine, I already tested it but the question is, which one would be the preferable way and why?



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          TKeen Apprentice

          Hi Christopher,


          I would recommend using a Relationship. By using a relationship you have availability to add additional features in the the future for example:


          * Adding a child tab to the Orgunit form to show a list of all relating Problems. Similar as when you go into an employee profile and see the incidents associated to that employee.


          CHild tab.png


          Hope this helps.


          Best regards,



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            AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

            Why do both then you can offer a validated dropdown or org units...possibly easier than a link field if you don't have to look up many items.


            Create a validation field for the org unit list as normal lets call the field Problem_OrgUnit Unicode Text(100).  Then create a relationship to the org unit an on the problem object select your new Problem_OrgUnit_Valid field to RecId of Orgunit.  It will set the name of the relationship field to Problem_OrgUnit but will use the valid field which you can see in the relationship list (image below)


            Now you can use the power of a relationship with a drop down field for the end user.  Another example of this is the Owner field on the CI record its a drop down and a relationship:



            Reasons for using both, user experience but only use where you need to gain access to the related data.  This is a useful technique to learn as the data is already populated in the drop down you can create retrospective relationship links if needed.

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              CHiege Rookie


              I never thought about linking the RecID with the _valid field when creating a relationship thus combinig validated field an relationship. Nice hint, thx .

              To be future proof it will probably be better when creating a relationship unless it's certain you won't need any data of the related object.


              Thank you for your answers.


              Best Regards