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    Decisons in Process Designer

    Pitmac1 Apprentice

      Hey ServiceDesk Pals,


      How would you go about creating a decision to determine if a particular CI was selected? For Example, I'm trying to determine once an incident has been saved with the CI of "No Label" that a request will be created to label the device, If false then continue with the Incident process.

      This is what I have so far:

      But when I go to test this decision, it doesn't matter what I put as the CI "No Label" or not, my decision keeps returning false.


      Is there something i'm missing?

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          John Haddad Expert

          Hi Pitmac,


          What do you mean by (No Label ) , that CI don't have a Title ? or what !

          from your condition i can see you are checking the ID if the content inside is = (No Label)

          so if you want that field you can set the condition to  is Null  ..


          you can check another thing in the Selected CI for example , the Primary Owner which means that CI still Not Registered.

          you can add something else to check if available or no ! like CI Status .....


          Hope this help you




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            Pitmac1 Apprentice

            Thanks John,


            I figured out what I did. I was looking at the ID attribute in the decision and my CI for No Label had a null value for this field. Rookie mistake.