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    Create an object that either creates a new Incident or attaches itself to an existing Incident

    mushoku Apprentice

      As part of our counter support, we want customers to check in.  This is new for us.  One of the biggest reasons we've found people are resistant is that the way the check-in process works is best suited for new tickets.  Sometimes, a customer is there for an existing ticket, and doesn't want to create a new one.  Also, sometimes they just have a quick question and would prefer not to fill out as much as a new ticket requires.


      With this, we are exploring the possibility of a new object "Counter Checkin" which will then either attach itself to an existing ticket or create a new one, depending on what the customer chooses, and is extremely limited in required information.  I'm looking for options on how to implement, and would prefer to not create a new incident for each counter checkin as this would entail adding several attributes to every incident record, and just seems bloaty to me.  Any ideas?


      Thank you!