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    Writing to distribution task logs in LDMS 2016

    Captaindl Rookie

      We are currently using LDMS 2016 and I've noticed that some tasks have a log file attached.  Firstly, the presence of this log file seems to be a little random, is there any way that I can make sure this file is returned by all machines running a task?  Secondly is there any way that I can either get the output of my package (eg everything in the STDOUT of an exe or anything that is outputted by wrscript.echo in a VBS or JScript) or alternatively write to the log manually by using a script to write to a file?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So ...


          • Are you talking about the CORE, or the CLIENT (log-file wise)? If you're talking about the CLIENT-side logs -- should be pretty simple.
          • There's a bunch of stuff we'd capture from STDOUT usually (start playing with BAT-file for instance) ... so you can wrap stuff quite happily there. Depending on what you want to do, that can be made easier / harder).
          • If we're talking about the client-side stuff, then yes - pretty much every TASK ID will have its own log file (check "{...}\LDCLIENT\DATA\" where you'll have a task log (based on the task ID) for every task the client works down.


          ... so "yeah" - in principle, there's a lot of options. Some more detail as to what specifically you're trying to do / achieve would help to provide context.


          <You can even pull "funky" stuff like I've documented here -- About SDCLIENT based communications  for instance. There's a *LOT* of possibilities ... depends on what you're after (and why) really >

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            Captaindl Rookie

            I think that article may have at least part of the answer (I will have to read it more thoroughly).  For clarification I am talking about the log attached to a distribution task as in the attached picture.  These logs would be stored on the core with regard to a task run on a client.  With regard to why, if I can have a package report its progress back to a log on the core it would allow me to start working out what packages have failed without getting access to the log files my package creates on the machine itself.  Obviously we would not want this log file to be too verbose due to storage limits but just a few pointers would be very useful.


            LDMS logs(edited).PNG

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Yeah - so THAT status message in that screen is what my doc is exactly about "manipulating".


              However, I'd argue / question that you want "all that" stuff on the Core (I tend to calculate things in Enterprise-level sizes, so 10,000 nodes minimum) ... and that can be a LOT of additional data (and thus - bloat).


              Normally, you can just use the DIAGNOSTICS option to talk to a device & pull data conveniently to your console (assuming the device is online):




              ... you're right in that you (obviously) can't pull this data if the client is on / available - but usually it should be available.


              So - for "normal" situations, I'd suggest/advise adding additional logging on the client-side rather than the Core.


              And maybe that's one thing to consider -- having "high value" packages (or "if it effs up, I can't talk to that node..." situations) use the SDCLIENT based messaging options available to you.


              Anyway - there ARE options ... have a play ... and if you need more, you've got now the basis for asking a more pointed question, I hope .


              Hope that helps!