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    Ivanti Workspaces App

    Darren.Bradshaw Expert

      Is anyone using the "Ivanti Workspaces App", if so how have they configured it?


      I have read the page from the documentation and I am struggling with this,


      We have

      • 1 webserver on our DMZ which has no link to our Active Directory, so using token authentication fails.
      • 3 webservers on our Internal Network (load balanced) which is using token authentication for workspaces and is working fine.


      The part about configuring your DNS, is this referring to our external DNS Server or our Internal DNS Server.



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          Senta SupportEmployee

          Hello Darren.Bradshaw ,


          I think you are referring to Configuring your DNS for the Workspaces app


          First, you need to establish if you want external users giving access to your Service Desk System via the Workspaces App.

          If this is the case, then

          a) you need to configure your external DNS to point to a WebServer with

          b) Bridgit with Token Authentication

          c) which holds an external reachable address


          For internal users, they should be able to use any of your Bridgit urls which provides Token Authentication.


          Please note that you are not bound to use the Token Server on your server in the DMZ, but can use any Token Server on one of your servers.

          In fact, you always should point all applications to the same Token Server, to ensure correct functionality.



          Ivanti Support