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    Teams - Active/Inactive - Handling pending items?

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Good day.


      Our Team structure mirrors our organizational structure. Business needs drive the need for new teams. Sometimes a single team is split in two, other times two teams are combined or replaced an entirely new team name.


      We realize we need a Status field of: Active/Inactive to stop retired team names from showing in selection lists.


      In such a situation, how do you handle existing incomplete work?



      December 1 - Team A gets a Service Request for  Desktop Apps Engineering - Request is unfulfilled (we have to order something that is backordered.)


      January 1 - Desktop Apps Engineering is merged with the Desktop Operations team. All team members have a new primary team.


      January 15 - Team A receives order and completes the SR.


      February 1 - Metrics for Completed work is run for January. (The Desktop Apps Engineering request shows up as the old team.)


      July 1 - Metrics for Completed work is run for January through June. (Management does not want to see a Team name that existed for a prior year even if the work was done this year.)


      Has anyone had to contend with a similar situation? You folks are creative, how would you consider handling?


      Thanks for any suggestions you might have. Once we figure out what we will do I'll post back to this discussion.


      Best Regards - Mark.