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    High Sierra & FileVault

    priest.37 Rookie

      I am having a problem with Mac OS High Sierra reporting back that it is encrypted. I sent the job out and it communicates with the computer and does the encryption process. When I go into the console and look at the computer it is reporting that the drive encryption is off. I have updated the agent on the computer after the core upgrade. Am I missing something or looking in the wrong place. I need this information to prove that the computer is encrypted for auditing purposes. My Sierra machines are working as they should. I thought that with the core upgrade it would work with High Sierra. Any insight would be appreciated.

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          Casity.chris SupportEmployee

          Hello Priest.37,


          You may have checked this already, but perhaps inventory is outdated for that machine? Open Inventory of the device and scroll to the bottom on the right side, you should see "Last updated by Inventory Server". If that isn't today's date then you may be having some issues there. Here is a document that helps troubleshoot inventory issues.


          Whenever you update your core server, you want to make sure to click "Rebuild All" under Agent Configuration in the console. This repackages the agent files and includes any updates from the upgrade that was done to the core server. If you haven't done so, rebuild your agents using this method and reinstall them to see if that helps.


          Otherwise, I would make sure that you are on a version that supports High Sierra. 2017.3 was the first version to support High Sierra out of the box.


          I hope that this helps.




          Chris Casity