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    How can I organize employees (customers) as external companies' customers?

    RiccaIT Apprentice

      Hi, I'm implementing a new ISM project for our company, so, we need to import a huge list of Customer (Companies in reality) and then, we need to associate any "Employ" (or Users) that can open Incident from his Company (our Customer). For example: - I have a Customer (Company in reality) called "Comp1" - when an employee of Comp1 (our Customer) open an Incident (with an email) we need to create this employee in our ISM system and associate it as a employee (user) of Comp1. What kind of business object can I use to create out Customer (company in reality .. as Comp1)? ... and, what kind of business object can I use to create employee (employee of Comp1) in my ISM? NB: every month, we need to retrieve a list of all open and resolved incidents for any Company (our customer).... so, we need to retrive every Incident of every employee that belongs to every of our customer (Companies). Thank you in advance for any help. Regards, Fabrizio Alongi