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    7.3 Features


      Hi all,


      Is there a list of new features/fixes that will be included in the upcoming LANDesk version (7.3)?




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          aparker Employee



          The LDSD Product Management team will release this closerr as soon as they are in a position to do so. There are some high level topics that have been metioned in presentations recently, but you will receive the full list in the near future.



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            Stu McNeill Employee



            As Andy said a full document will be available at release time however some high-level information has already been made available.  A document aimed at current customers was included in the March/April edition of the LANDesk Link email newsletter so take a look at that.  If you don't receive those newletters contact your sales/account manager and they may be able to provide it for you.  We can't post it here directly though I'm afraid.



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              Will existing customers of 7.2.6 version be eligible for upgrades to 7.3 version of Service Desk, considering they have a valid PMA.

              Considering the customers of 7.2.6 were charged for end user licenses & that 7.3 introduces free end user licensing how does this work?





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                I haven't seen the new product but from the information that is slowly trickling down the chain, the drop in support for 32-bit server OS for portal has me a little stumped? Our production web portal server is 64-bit (Apps server is 32-bit) but our dev server has portal,app and knowledge on the one box and is 32-bit. Does this mean that we need to rebuild Dev to 64-bit?

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                  Stu McNeill Employee

                  Hi guys,


                  In regards the question on 62-bit vs. 32-bit servers I've written the following document to hopefully explain!


                  Why is ServicePortal no longer supported on 32-bit servers from version 7.3 onwards?


                  In regards to the end user licencing this isn't something I could help with I'm afraid, my best advice would be to contact your sales/account manager.