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    What updates have been released recently


      I am hopnig to find a resource to list software updates for various products that have been released by Patchlink.  I have the recent changes in the SCCM console but want to know what changes are being released without just trusting that SCCM download process is working normally.  Are there are RSS feeds, email lists, or other information available from Ivanti that lists released updates?


      In the past month we have seen far less updates come into the system that we normally see in a month,


      Recent imports of updates:

      49 on 1-10-2018

      5 on 12-23-2017

      10 on 12-18-2017

      15 on 12-13-2017

      50 on 12-12-2017

      12 on 12-7-2017

      17 on 12-2-2017

      8 on 12-1-2017