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    Goldmine window keeps coming to the front of the screen

    neocrm Apprentice

      GMPE 2015
      This just started happening today, while working on other programs, if there is no activities (keyboard or mouse action) for a while, the Goldmine window will automatically come to the front of the screen and it is not when Goldmine is checking for emails.

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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          Just a guess, but your GoldMine window might be moving to the foreground because it's open to the Calendar tab and your Calendar display is automatically refreshing.  Your Calendar display refresh interval is set as follows:


          - from GoldMine's main menu, select Tools | Options

          - in your Options window, select the Calendar tab

          - in the lower right corner of the Calendar tab, look for the Calendar Refresh Rate field (specifies refresh frequency in seconds, so for example, a value of 300 indicates that your Calendar display will refresh (redraw) every 5 minutes - this ensures that your Calendar reflects any changes made by other members of your team in the past 5 minutes)


          If you think this might be the explanation, simply change the refresh rate and time how long it takes for GoldMine to move to the foreground.  Or you could simply ensure that your GoldMine window is displaying a tab other than the Calendar while in the background.


          Best of luck,