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    have you ever need to keep track of the time zone for a client?


      create a field UHRSDEF as a numeric character and place a value of how many hours difference from your time zone.

      then create another field Current Time with the following expression in the field.


      fmttime(str(val(left(str(time()),2)) +contact2->UHRsDIFF) + substr(time(),3,len(time())-2))


      Example 1. I am in the eastern time zone and my client is in California.

      I place a -3 in UHRSDEF and the current time for me is 12:00 pm the current time for the client will show 9:00 am


      example 2: I am still in the eastern time zone but my client is in England

      I place a 6 in UHSDEF and the current time is 11:00 am for me yet the current time on the client record will show 5:00 pm


      this helps when placing call outside your time zone.