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    Dialing out and not being able to view notes and manipulate the prgoram.




      Typically we check “Complete Call”, and then hit “Pick up”,  the completed call window will pop up and users will continue their call while being able to look at their notes from previous calls etc.


      According to front range, this is not how the application is supposed to work. When you click “Pick up” it is supposed to hang up the call. Apparently there is potential data corruption if you are entering data etc. while on a call (I didn’t ask the technical details about the possible corruption).


      Well we are about to switch over to our digital system to handle calls…and with that the program actually is now working properly…meaning if you click “pick-up” it disconnects your call.


      This presents an issue because now the users are unable to check notes etc. from previous calls.


      And now knowing that using the program the way we were before could cause data corruptions I would not want to go back…but this seems to really deter from the quality of calls, as now the users cannot use previous notes and look at previous orders etc, in order to help them make a new sale.



      What are your thoughts on this? I'm frankly dumb founded that you cannot look at notes from previous calls...seems like that should be a standard...



      time for new CRM software?