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    HII InjectMSD Issue.(SYSPREP Can't find Driver)


      Hi ,


      I'd like to start out by saying the InjectMSD tool for the HII process is stellar!! The worst part about creating a HII is having to rebuild it everytime I want to add new mass storage controllers. (Sweet work Jan). Instead of building the image on the latest model like I used to I decided to make a Base Golden Image in Vmware and take a snapshot prior to launching sysprep. Now anytime I want to create a new HII I just revert the snapshot make the changes, Sysprep it and then Capture the Image using OSD. Of the 30 Dell Models we have here they all use the Intel storage controllers so I build those into the Sysprep mass storage section and for any new models we are going to use InjectMSD. For my exsiting OSD prcoess I just  edited the InjectMSD Script to not toss an error if no arguments were passed which allowed for this funcationality to be added for new models.


           Here is the issue we are expereincing. I tried to take my HII and drop it on a base VMware machine. ( Just a bare metal machine PXE booting ) Of course it blue screened because I did not have the Mass storage drivers. I added those into the Drivers Folder and the machine booted up into the sysprep process although instead of just detecting the PNP Drivers was prompted to browse for the location of the VMWare SCSI Drivers(LSI Logic). The Input box was pre-populated with c:\sysprep\i386. Is this becauseI have it as my "InstalledFilesPath" in the sysprep file?? If I Enter C:\Drivers\MSD The process continues fine.


      Is there a perticular reason why these MSD Drivers were not detected by PNP?


      Below is the unattended peice of my Sysprep file. I am using LDPrep as stated in the HII Document which should replace the contents of the DriversPath key in the registry. I didn't think the OEMDriversPath section was needed? I thought all that did was populate the Driverspath section during sysprep.



      Driversigningpolicy = Ignore
      UpdateInstalledDrivers = Yes
      InstallFilesPath = "C:\sysprep\i386"
      ;OemDriverPath = c:\drivers


      Thanks in advance.


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          I'm not sure what is causing mini-setup to prompt you for the driver. But I can't see how this is anything to do InjectMsd...


          In principle, what's happening is simple enough. Mini-setup is searching the folders enumerated in the DevicePath registry key, looking for inf files that match devices present in the system. At some point during this process, it finds an inf that matches your virtual adapter, but some of the driver files that the inf file refers to aren't there. So it prompts you for them.


          There is indeed no reason to specify an OemPnpDriversPath if you use ldprep.

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            Thanks for the reply. InjectMSD is what im using to inject the drivers found with the captureMSD tool... I dont think it's missing any drivers because if I type c:\drivers\msd in the path when promoted it works fine?


            I'm running InjectMSD after LDprep runs... So that means my DevicePath Key does not have the Drivers/MSD folder..  Could that be the issue?


            I followed this order.


            REMEXEC374=h:\tools\ldprep /c /reg=Software1 /path=c:\drivers\pnp
            REMEXEC375=reg unload HKLM\Software1
            REMEXEC376=h:\tools\injectmsd c:\drivers\msd


            I did not dive into the auto it code but perhaps injectMSD just appends the Drivers/MSD to the end of the Devicepath key.. If that's the case then I guess that is not my issue...

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              InjectMsd doesn't do anything with the DevicePath key... Whether you run ldprep before or after injectmsd can't make a difference.


              The way you have things set up, c:\drivers\msd indeed won't be listed in DevicePath. Why that would be a problem is not clear to me (doesn't cause me any pain). But it's worth trying if including c:\drivers\msd in DevicePath makes a difference (change the path parameter of ldprep to c:\drivers).


              Another thing you could try is delete the inf file from c:\drivers\msd. InjectMsd doesn't need it and the machine will bott without it. You then may or may not want to have a copy of the inf & sys files under c:\drivers\pnp.

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                Hi Jan,


                Deleting the INF file caused the computer to blue screen after reboot. I also added Drivers\msd to the Devicepath key in the registry and that did no help either.

                Since I was only having this issue with the VMware machine, I decided to just add a line at the end of my OSD Script which copies the the MSD folder into the sysprep\I386 folder and that fixed the issue. Not sure why it happend though?


                Thanks anyways for your help.