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    Steps to upgrade from 9.0

    MRitte Apprentice

      I just want to double check.  I will be upgrading a customer from to 2015.2.

      Can this be done in one step or do I need to take interim steps?

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          michaela.witters SupportEmployee



          Any upgrade from GMPE 9.x to GMPE 2015.2 is a straight forward upgrade without any interim upgrade. The only thing you have to make sure is to have the new license which is necessary for GMPE 2014.2 and higher prior any upgrade attempt.


          This is also documented in the related documentation (Installer Guide, Readme and Release Notes on GoldMine 2015.2).


          I personally provide always the following very generic recommendations


          The upgrade path is straight forward from GoldMine Premium Edition (GMPE) version 9.x to GoldMine Premium Edition (GMPE) version 2015.2 by starting the GoldMine installer - usually GMSetup.exe - and following the installer wizard. You need to provide the SQL Server information and credentials for accessing and upgrading the database. Any GA or Hot fix installer is a full installer of GoldMine and the upgrade needs to be performed on all machines where a GoldMine application is already installed. On any new clients where GoldMine was not yet installed you can directly install the version without needing to install any  GA release or hot fix release first.


          If you are upgrading from a version prior GMPE 2014.2 then you need to make sure to have a new license available which can be requested free of charge from our Customer Care Team.


          Please keep in mind that on every GoldMine related upgrade attempt we absolutely recommend to


          1. to review the related documentation - Installer Guide, ReadMe and Release notes
          2. if applicable request and review any further documentation
          3. perform a test upgrade from a technical perspective prior any upgrade attempt of the production system
          4. make sure to have sufficient backups of GoldMine folder and all related databases
          5. verify if and how business critical workflows (this also includes also GoldMine Plus applications for Microsoft Office and / or other add-on applications) are working in an upgraded test environment prior upgrading the production system


          - any upgrade attempt requires that all users are logged off from GoldMine and all GoldMine related applications (e.g. Microsoft Office), all GoldMine related services like GoldSync or any other 3rd party application interacting with GoldMine are shut down.

          - where possible any upgrade attempt should be performed with local administrator rights and first log into GoldMine with master rights

          - although technically not necessary but highly recommended is that all remotes synchronize the latest changes to and from the Host system (please keep in mind that host and remote systems need to be on same GoldMine versions and builds in order to synchronize with each other)

          - the Application server should be upgraded first, followed by all network related clients either by the auto-upgrade feature (please refer to Online help >> GoldMine Administrator Guide > User Administration > Configuring System Settings > Automatic Upgrade of Workstations) or manual upgrade, further all remote sites and undocked users.



          I hope this helps


          Have a good day



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            MRitte Apprentice

            If a client has any undocked users I assume that I need to generate a new undocked license for them based on the new serial number?


            Is that correct and what is the best process.

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              michaela.witters SupportEmployee



              My recommendations would be still the same as an undocked can be treated more or less the same as an App server without the 'server stuff'...

              The only item which changes is


              If you are upgrading from a version prior GMPE 2014.2 then you need to make sure to have gathered already the new converted licenses from the host's License Manager


              You may want to review also the Knowledge articles in our HEAT Software Self Service Portal


              15618 :  How do we generate the new 2014.2 licenses for undocked machines and sites with that new license?  We know that 2014.2.x requires a new license but how do we upgrade the license on an undocked machine or GoldSync site Server?


              I hope this helps



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