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    GM Link for Word 2007

    JJGearhart Apprentice

      Product = GoldMine Premium Edition

      Versions = GoldMine 2015.1.0.208, Windows NT 6.02.9200


      GM Link for Word 2007



      Have there been any updates recently to the GM Link? I have been experiencing crashes the last week whenever I try to run processes. After about the 2nd or 3rd merge form, Word crashes:


      "Microsoft Office Word has stopped working".


      Problem signature:

      Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

      Application Name: WINWORD.EXE

      Application Version: 12.0.6727.5000

      Application Timestamp: 55a551e0

      Fault Module Name: wwlib.dll

      Fault Module Version: 12.0.6727.5000

      Fault Module Timestamp: 55a552c0

      Exception Code: c0000005

      Exception Offset: 0007d53d

      OS Version: 6.3.9600.

      Locale ID: 1033


      When I click restart the program, it restarts with a blank document but does not print any of the rest of my forms. They show as printed in GM History, but never print. Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

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          Hi Jon,


          Did you try to disable other add-ins Word might run as a test?

          Also Close GoldMine, Word, Office etc. and try and delete everything in the C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft_Corporation folder (Not the folder itself, only the content).
          If that doesn't work try to uninstall the office links of GoldMine and re-install them.

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            JJGearhart Apprentice

            We do not have any other add-ins, so skipped to second suggestion. Cleared everything in the folder as suggested. Now it won't even print one before locking up with a Goldmine PLUS for Microsoft Office error:


            The file  "C:\USERS\JGEARH~1\AppData\Local\Termp\13\blahblahblah.dot"


            I click ok to close the error and after about 30 seconds it comes back with the same error. Stuck in an endless loop. Goldmine again still creates the history for each letter being printed even though none do. I should point out that if I execute a process for just one contact, it prints fine.

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              Hi Jon,


              So just confirming.

              One letter will merge fine, multiple (merge) does not.


              Are you using a non-English version of Word by any chance?


              What I expect is that you upgraded from a lower version 8.x / 9.x to 2015 and then got this issue.

              You are using a non-english version and when merging more then one letter you see that pop-up error box.

              This then would be a known issue which i've seen on many non-english environments and the only way to keep using the Word merge (to my knowledge) is setting the language of Word on that machine to English.

              windows xp - How to set English (UK) as default editing language in Word 2007? - Super User

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                JJGearhart Apprentice

                No, we are not using a non-English version. Not sure where you got that idea. We have been using Goldmine since 1999, starting with version 4.0. Upgrades have been made for every new major release since then up to 2015. It has been working fine up until last week. I am unsure what could have changed to cause this.

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                  Because the symptoms pointed to a non-english environment.

                  So your Windows versions are also English?



                  As Michaela would say now


                  we would need at first the related Officelink.txt file as this log file should contain further information why it does not work.


                  1. Make sure that Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are closed (if applicable verify in Windows Task Manager)

                  2. via File Explorer browse to the local C:\ folder

                  3. create the following text file (please make sure to consider to display file extensions in file explorer as otherwise you may create Officelink.txt.txt which will leave the file empty when testing)




                  4. Make sure that the file is accessible and that the current Windows user can write into the file and save a change


                  5. perform test/actions you reported to experience an unexpected behavior

                  5.a. wherever possible make sure to test a behavior in only one application, means in Microsoft Word or in Microsoft Excel, but not starting both applications.

                  5.b. When you experience the same behavior in both applications, make sure to test first Microsoft Word then finish the steps below and restart from step 1 for a further test with Microsoft Excel

                  5.c. during testing / replicating the behavior prevent as much additional activity as possible


                  6. Within Microsoft Word also copy and paste the following information into a txt file

                  6.a. Menu or Ribbon GoldMine >> About

                  6.b. Click into the Window with the additional information

                  6.c. CTRL + A (now everything in the window is highlighted)

                  6.d. CTRL + C (everything in the window is now in the clipboard)

                  6.e. open a txt file for example on the desktop >> CTRL + V (pastes the windows clipboard into the txt file)


                  7. Close the related Office application after your test

                  8. rename the now created Officelink.txt for example Officelink_Word_behavior.txt and provide this for our further investigation (this is necessary as the file will not reset itself and proceed to grow with every action within Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel)


                  Please make sure to provide as much information/details about what you tested and if applicable provide also the tested GoldMine template

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                    michaela.witters SupportEmployee





                    Related to Microsoft Word and Excel the C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft_Corporation folder contains primarily the GoldMine >> Setup Preferences



                    So you may want to check if they are filled as desired in Word (GoldMine >> Setup)


                    For the wwlib.dll error, I never have heard of or have seen this error before... but made some research and you or your IT might be interested in the following links as both are referring to such an error and a potential resolution.

                    Wwlib.dll or Add-in Crashing Word 2007 - Spiceworks

                    Google Groups


                    This is only a suggestion for consideration and I have no means to test as I never experienced or have such an issue, so the links are only provided as-is. Make sure to make a backup of your registry before considering to follow any of the suggested steps.


                    I hope this helps



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                      michaela.witters SupportEmployee



                      indeed and absolutely tight that would be also something I would say 


                      Just as additional note as since GoldMine 2015.1. Hot fix 5 (build 2015.1.0.219 and higher) a slight change was made for the logging feature. Jon this is not valid for your mentioned version as you are on build 2015.1.0.208 but in case others experience the same or just want to gather also the log file for any investigation!


                      Diagnostic logs for GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) are now user specific. To enable logging:

                      1. Open the appropriate location to create folder and file for logging:

                      a. Enter %appdata% in Windows Explorer address bar


                      b. browse to user’s appdata folder – typically C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming

                      2. Create folder GoldMine

                      3. In the GoldMine folder, create new text file and name to OfficeLink.log (verify there is not a hidden .txt


                      4. Launch GoldMine and Office to gather logs as needed.

                      5. Once troubleshooting is complete, delete the GoldMine folder and OfficeLink.log


                      Everyone have a great weekend



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                        JJGearhart Apprentice

                        Can not save files to C:\ root directory. This is a terminal server installation and saving to root is only available to admin accounts.


                        Today I had the C:\USERS\JGEARH~1\AppData\Local\Temp\ fold open when running processes. I could see the file being written to the directory. After 3rd merge for it crashed with Cannot open C:\USERS\JGEARH~1\AppData\Local\Termp\12\blahblahblah.dot


                        The file indicated was there and upon restarting Word, I was able to successful open the temp file it indicated could not be opened. Does this spark any ideas?

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                          JJGearhart Apprentice

                          Still experiencing this issue; I am currently waiting for IT to uninstall/reinstall the GM Link on the server to see if that alleviates the problem.

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                            Make sure they install it as administrator.

                            Also when starting Word with the GoldMine plugin the first time as a user, open Word with Admin rights.

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                              JJGearhart Apprentice

                              It still is not working after reinstalling the word link. We did it from an administrator account; our set-up required it to be installed this way anyway.  We were logged on to our server as Administrator when we opened and tested it first time and launched goldmine from a master account. I am unsure what the problem is.

                              My IT Department has informed me they intend to upgrade us to Office 2016 soon. Is there a compatible link available yet for Office 2016 64-Bit Edition or 32-Bit Edition for Word 2016? Outlook 2016? Excel 2016? Should I start a separate thread for this question?

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                                John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

                                There are NO supported links for ANY 64-bit Editions of Microsoft Office.  Only 32-bit editions of Office.


                                GoldMine Premium Edition 2015.2 was the first version of GM PE to "officially" support Office 2016.  So, as long as you upgrade to GM PE 2015.2 or later, then you should be good with Office 2016 (32-bit edition)/

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                                  JJGearhart Apprentice

                                  I thought so--I overheard someone saying they were getting ready to order Office 2016 and asked which version. I told them to hold off on ordering the 64-bit until I checked- Crisis averted/ Thank you, John!

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                                    JJGearhart Apprentice

                                    After installing the update to 2015.2 (Jan 7, 2016), my issue with the Word link has resolved. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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