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    I have a Problem regarding email center.


      When I get an email from a specific person from a certain company and when clicking on “Online” in the email center in order to retrieve emails, Goldmine crashes.  GoldMine only crashes if I receive an email from this specific contact ONLY ,  no issue for any other emails or other contacts. Any idea what could be the reason for this behavior?

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          Hi Elissa,


          Is there more information available about these e-mails?

          Is it every e-mail from this person, and if so are they newsletters?

          Do you know what e-mail client/server this person is using, for example Apple mail or IBM Lotus Domino.


          Also what version of GoldMine are you using at the moment?

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            TPorte Apprentice

            Can this question be moved to Product Central?  It is obviously a product question and not a question about using the community.  Thanks!

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              If this email has an attachment file it is probably what cause GM to crash.

              The sender uses outlook to send the email with the attachment.

              Later version of GM fixed the problem with this.

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                PJohns Apprentice

                This behaviour is often caused by a corrupt email in your server mailbox. I would ask your server administrator to investigate and delete the offending email from the server.

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                  mark_mcintyre Rookie

                  We too experience this issue. One sender specifically causes GM to crash while receiving his mail into GM. Other people sending from the same company do not cause the crash.  If I receive the mail into our web based mail program and then forward it to myself, the same mail will no longer cause a crash.


                  We have been told by GM support that this is caused by the sender using Outlook and formatting the emails with Richtext.  However we have other senders using this setup without problem.  The mystery is also confusing because we have remote sites running the same GM version that receive the same emails without problem.

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                    michaela.witters SupportEmployee

                    Hello Elissa,


                    While there there was already provided workaround suggestions - deleting the email from the mail server, forwarding email to yourself or using Outlook integration instead - the only thing I can advise at this point is to get the complete code and header from the mail server (paste into a txt file), e.g. from the web mail server or the eml file from the mail server directly. The email should not be downloaded into a mail client for example via Microsoft Outlook as this may change something in the original email. The email code and/or header may then reveal why GoldMine does have a problem or at least with such an example file GoldMine Technical Support can try to replicate the behavior.


                    Of course this would require to submit an official incident with GoldMine Technical Support and depends if you are wiling to make this effort to get the samples as it might be necessary for each different sender to re-investigate. Many times such an email is a not desired newsletter emails so that deleting the email would be much faster and even forwarding or using Outlook integration might be much faster than to get the code and headers or the eml file.


                    Maybe this helps


                    Have a good day