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    Import of Additional Contacts

    TPorte Apprentice

      It looks like Goldmine's standard import only allows import of contact records.  What are the options to import additional contacts when you already have a record for the company in Goldmine?


      You may have Bob Jones as the primary contact on your pre-existing record but you don't have Suzie Smith as an additional contact.  Goldmine Premium 2014

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          CDohme Apprentice

          I think that the XML import gives you much more granularity.  I don't recall ever having to only import Additional Contacts in the past so I don't have first hand experience.

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            JErste Specialist

            We prefer a third-party utility called Inaport.  It allows importing of additional contacts, history/calendar entries, details, etc.

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              GoldMine Import tool is not an option.  A potential workaround would be to import the contacts as primary records and then use merge purge to make them a secondary contacts.


              If this is something that you need to do often then I suggest use tools that would make this process easier.

              1. DBX - see Execute Post Event Actions During An Import

              2. Inaport - as mentioned by Joseph in previous post

              3. CastellGen - if you prefer to develop your own import routine using SQL

              4. GoldBox - just not sure if it still supports your version of GoldMine since it hasn't been updated for a while.


              Or maybe just hire a part-time employee to enter those if its not that many.