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    SWD Internal Error when Deploying Sonic RecordNow




      I have a slight problem with my Sonic RecordNow installation. I have a batch file that is deploying this software. The command is straightforward.


      @Echo Off

      "%DrivePath%\setup.exe" /q


      This command works very well if I just run the batch file from the target device. However, when I create a Software Distribution Package (Which is no different than any other batch file SWD that I have) I get an Internal Error that pops up on the targeted device. There actually are about 20 Internal Errors I get with  random Error Codes. If I click through all of them the package does in fact install normally.


      What I'm wondering is, does anyone have a clue why I would be getting these errors through LD and not when I run the batch file on it' own, or better yet, what can I do to get this to successfully install. I appreciate any advice.