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    "Add to Calendar" link in email?

    DAnder1 Rookie

      Hi there,


      This is my first time posting here so my apologies if I am posting in the wrong place. I am trying to find out if there is a way to have an 'add to calendar' link in an email.


      Here's what I'm looking to accomplish and why:


      We're a training company and send our clients their confirmation details by email with all of the details for the day, however can't seem to find a way to have an 'add to calendar' link in the email. What we have been doing is following up with a second email via meeting request that the client needs to accept to get the date booked into their calendar and that seems counter intuitive to what we teach regarding productivity through tools. Most of our clients are using Outlook, we do not.


      When we try to send the information just via meeting request all of the formatting and branding is gone and we also cannot attach the documents the clients need for their training session.


      Does anyone know of a way we can have an 'add to calendar' type link in an email? If not, any suggestions on how to better manage this process using Goldmine to avoid having to send our clients two emails for each training session?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Doug Castell Expert

          Just check the send a request with the ___ to the: 'Contact(s)' box in the lower-rigth of the activity scheduling window.

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            DAnder1 Rookie

            Hi Doug,


            Thank you for your reply. As mentioned in my post, using the meeting request function doesn't meet the need as the information in becomes unformatted and unbranded, the links required do not work in a meeting request and there is no option to attach the documents the clients will need for their training.


            Currently we are having to send an email with all of the above, and an additional email for the meeting request and this does not suit our clients - especially when part of what we teach is email and workload management!

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              Doug Castell Expert

              Via the right click->output to menu in your GoldMine's calendar, you can generate ical files that you can then either send as attachments or place on your website/dropbox/somewhere and link to inside your e-mail. 


              It could be a pretty manual process, however.  Then again, any link inside of your e-mail that says 'click here to get something..' will require the creation of, hosting of, etc. that something...  So, I guess this is no different.

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                PJohns Apprentice

                This functionality does not exist in GoldMine. As Doug mentioned the information would need to be shared somewhere if you were using a click here type option. You might get some funtionality connecting GoldMine to a Google Calendar. Its worth investigating to see if you can achieve automated way of acheiving what you want?