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    GoldMine Web error 2015.2 HF1

    dscycler Rookie

      I installed gmconnect for a client this morning. No errors during the install. In GoldMine Web I can search for a contact but when I click on the contact to open it up an error pops up with the following text.


      Server Error

      Get Local Exclude string error.


      Then the page displays: The contact record couldn't be opened. Please inform your GoldMine Administrator. (Opening this record in GoldMine Premium Edition may resolve the issue.)


      The main GoldMine install is 2015.2.0.173. The gmconnect is 2015.2.0.348. Server is 2012 R2 Standard.


      Can anyone help with this error?

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          michaela.witters SupportEmployee

          Hello David,


          the behavior is usually caused by a duplicate system record in the CONTSUPP table and you should verify with the following query




          There must not exist a duplicate and you need to take care of it after making sure to have a full running backup.


          The error message and resolution/suggestion is also documented in the HEAT Software/GoldMine Knowledge base as article # 15713


          You can access our knowledge base via the direct link https://support.heatsoftware.com/Default.aspx.
          If you don't have a login yet, you can request this by providing your customer ID/HDA, your contact name and email address in an email to our Customer Care Team (mailto:[email protected]), our Customer Care Team will setup or verify a login for you.
          When you are logged in Heat Software/GoldMine SelfService you can select the at the top our Knowledge Base. After the tab Knowledge is opened you can search by certain key words or even for the provided article #  number. Currently we recommend rather to search from the Home tab's Search area with selecting in Knowledge


          Hope this helps and good luck



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            dscycler Rookie

            Thank you, Michaela. There were three contsupp records with accountno = '90CF-SYSTEM-REC'. Fortunately one contained a Note value. The other two records are deleted and now Contacts open up in GoldMine Web.

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              GZimme Apprentice

              THANKS - this(GoldMine Knowledge base article # 15713)worked perfectly.  I had two records.  Deleted the correct one and all is good now!