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    Dup Check on Address

    MRitte Apprentice

      I have a client that would like to be able to do a dup check based on the address instead of or in addition to the phone number. 


      Is it possible to add other fields to be used for the dup check process or is there some other approach that can be taken?


      They are running 2015.2



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          If you use the Merge/Purge Wizard found under the 'Tools' menu you can pick any field from the contact table and use it as part of the matching criteria. The following is the list of fields and weights that I use when looking for dupes.


          GM Field               Method               Weight

          Address1              Soundex               30

          City                       Soundex               10

          Company              Soundex               50

          State                     Soundex               10

          ZIP                        Soundex               10


          Qualifying Weight: 80


          I then have it create a list that I review and manually merge each one instead of letting it do the merge automatically.

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            MRitte Apprentice

            Sorry.  I wasn't clear in my question.  They want to be able to dup check on address when creating a new contact.  Right now you can only check phone, email, and name.


            The Merge/Purge info was helpful though.  I will keep that handy.

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              That would be a nice feature. I do not know of a way to modify the duplicate check feature when adding a new contact other then perhaps creating a custom trigger. I have considered doing that in the past and decided to instead have the users be responsible for doing the check.


              GM also checks Email address and if you have the option checked will not allow duplicate email addresses to be added.


              We have created a procedure for the entry of new contacts to the database. The user first does a check for the company name using the Search Center. They then sort the list by CITY and look for a matching address. If they don't find one they are free to add the new contact.


              An additional check could be done using the Universal Search for the Address1 information. Click on the "Advanced" button in Universal Search, uncheck "All" and check only "Contacts"

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