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    GM +View

    MRitte Apprentice

      Does anyone have a current View for Google Maps?  The code that I have is older and opens up telling me I am using an unsupported browser even though I am on the latest version.


      Also, has anyone created one to work with the White Pages?



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          Doug Castell Expert

          It's not the code, it's the internet explorer interface they're using under the hood.  Only the GoldMine dev team can fix this.

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            MRitte Apprentice

            Do you know if this is an open issue that is on the list of fixes?  It appears this has been an issue for some time.

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              RGodfr Apprentice


              We have GM+Views for Google that open a separate web browser.  I believe they were provided by Tech Support as a work around.  I'll send them to you/post them when I return to the office later this afternoon.

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                MRitte Apprentice

                Thank you

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                  michaela.witters SupportEmployee

                  Hello Mark, Hello All


                  the reason for this behavior is how GoldMine uses the mshtml.dll. The related RM is # 219439 and the already above mentioned workaround including the txt files for using Google Maps / Directions externally with related GoldMine field data is KM # 19120.


                  Additional information:

                  Recently also LinkedIn made some changes which causes a wrong/inconvenient display within the GM+View tab, you may want to make a note already for KMs # 18445 - Linkedin GM+ View displays incorrectly formatted as the first search result is obscured by the menu items on the webpage and  # 20217 - GM+View template - How to adjust any existing GM+View template to open in a separate Browser window instead of the GM+View tab. Both are expected to be available for the public audience by end of next week (around 01/08/2016) and will contain also txt files for the Linkedin profiles with same functionality or a generic template txt file.

                  You can access our knowledge base via the direct link https://support.heatsoftware.com/Default.aspx.


                  Please make sure to log an incident with GoldMine Technical Support when you or want to submit an official inquiry and be linked to the RM.


                  Have a good day



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                    Doug Castell Expert

                    is there any plan to change the way in which mshtml.dll is used to display the gm+view tab?  Better yet, is there any plan to utilize the default system browser to display the GM+view tab (as opposed to mshtml.dll) ?

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                      vicki.walline SupportEmployee

                      Hi Doug,


                      We do have plans to change how the mshtml.dll is used. At this time we do not have plans to utilize the default system browser in the near future. 


                      Release Management (RM) #219439 mentioned by Michaela above is currently Recommended for the GoldMine 2016.1 release due out next spring.  When an RM is recommended to a particular release, it is not guaranteed that the release will include the fix.  The Product Review Committee  recommends a release in which the issue fix or new functionality should be included when the RM is initially reviewed.  As items are added to RM and as the development team addresses RM items, the Product Review Committee updates the Recommended list and may move RM items in and out of the recommended list for future releases based on many factors.  As it becomes very likely that a particular RM item will be included in a release the item is typically moved to Scheduled for the release. 


                      Anyone with an active incident associated to an RM is notified by email when the the RM is Scheduled for a release.  In order to check or be kept informed about the status of a particular RM you may log an incident with GoldMine Support.  See http://www.goldmine.com/goldmine-support/ for options. 


                      Release Notes for each release include a list of the RMs addressed in the release.




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