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    Create Macro

    MRitte Apprentice

      I need to create a macro that will navigate to the Report Center and then expand the Crystal Reports section, pick a report and run it.


      I have no idea what keyboard combination to use that will expand the Crystal section so that I can navigate to the specific report.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          MRitte Apprentice

          Found it.  The Right arrow will do this.


          Does anyone know what keyboard strokes I use to run a report once it is selected?  I tried Enter and that is not doing anything.  I can double click my mouse and that works.  But you are not supposed to use the mouse in a macro.

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            TonyGoncalves Rookie

            Hi Mark

            Once you have the list of reports, try and highlight the required report and hit the SPACE bar, this will give you the Report Menu where you can choose R for Print.

            Good Luck

            Happy New year.