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    Missing categories from data source manager

    monkins2002 Rookie

      Hi I thought i'd have a go at creating a dashboard on goldmine.  I have a sample system at home on evaluation and after following the tutorials wanted to do it at work.


      When i got to binding data to a chart at work, i clicked on data source manager and i do not have the standard categories in the data source manager e.g:






      All 20 in total are not there.


      The only category there is "Manually typed".  If i try and use "List of users" that works, but thats about it.


      None of the example dashboards were there as well when i started, and i tried to import one and it cam up with errors like:


      Dashboard - Managment Dashboard, Error - CCustView::ReloadDataSource, data source failed


      Also when importing the xml dashboard it came up with:


      {Datasource already exists! Overwrite?

      recid: E95TLAV+,{3!.SG

      existing anme: Years

      name to be imported: Years}


      about 10 messages came up, i clicked no just in case it over wrote something important.


      The goldmine setup is different to the standard one out the box at our company, when entering opportunities a visual basic page comes up where you can fill in all the fields on one page, sure is handy compared to the wizard.  its also cross linked to the accounting SQL table so when orders are received the amount paid is shown in the opportunities visul basic screen.   All this customisation may have "broken" the standard reports?  although ive been looking through the goldmine server and all the correct tables are there.


      Where are the data categories held anyway?


      anyone can help please let me know, as i cant create any dash boards and will have to stick to basic crystal reports.