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    GMPlus not working in Word 2010

    neocrm Apprentice

      GMPE 2013.1.0.298

      Office 2010

      Installed GMPlus for Word and Outlook, the Goldmine tool bar is showing up in Outlook but not in Word. Did not get any error messages during the install. Checked Word -> Options -> Add-on and Goldmine is not in the add-on list. Tried uninstalling GMPlus and reinstalled but still not showing up.

      Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks

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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          Have you checked for it in Disabled Items?


          I've seen cases where you simply have to go to Disabled Items and ENABLE it, then restart the application.


          I don't have access to Word 2010 (I'm on 2016) so don't recollect the exact means of getting to Disabled Items.


          Hope this feedback helps.

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            neocrm Apprentice

            Thanks John, sorry forgot to mention, yes, I have checked disabled items as well.

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              John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

              I'm sure you've done the ever popular and always recommended uninstall/reinstall routine (of GMPlus as a whole). :-}


              However, while GMPlus is uninstalled, did you navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine and DELETE the "GoldMine Plus" sub-folder (and THEN reinstall GMPLus)?


              I've seen that resolve issues on more than one occasion.  (Just to be fair, I've seen it still not make a difference on others.)

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                FRoven Rookie

                it's been a few years but I seem to remember an issue I found was remnants of previous office versions remained after installation of office2010. I did a manual uninstall of office 2007, uninstalled Plus manually as suggested by John above, checked registry. In my case (2007 to 2010) the registry items contained "office 14" . The correct files contained "office 15". so, uninstalled plus manually, uninstalled 2010, checked files and registry for remnants. Then installed office 2010, updated GM from disc first without Plus and then with Plus.  Hope this helps.  if I can find the instructions for our partner, I will post here later.