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    Notes Tab (GM Prem V

    dennisf1 Rookie

      How do I delete all comments in notes tab (GM Prem V, Need to start fresh notes of specific contacts due to lengthy time delay (large notes file) to open notes tab. I don't see instructions that show how I can create a new, 2nd notes tab so that I can save the original notes in Word before removing the original notes tab.

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          Before deleting do a Backup of the notes table by running



          Select  * into [Notes_Backup]  from NOTES



          next run

          delete from Notes


          The 2 queries have to be run within Sql Server Management Studio.


          You can't set second Tab of Notes but you may be able to create a Dashboard of the backedup Notes table.

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            John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

            Shaul's response is spot on, if you want to blank out ALL notes in your GoldMine.


            With reference to your statement of:  Need to start fresh notes of specific contacts


            Then you might want to add a WHERE clause to both of his suggested statements.  After "from NOTES" in each case, you might say:


            ...from NOTES where accountno in ('aaa','bbb','ccc')


            where aaa, bbb, ccc and so on, are the accountnos of the records you wish to BLANK OUT the Notes tab on.


            Or,  you might leave this off the "SELECT * INTO" statement, just to backup ALL NOTES, but then INCLUDE the WHERE clause, as needed, on the DELETE statement to truly BLANK out the notes for ONLY certain contact records.


            Hope this feedback helps.

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