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    How to send emails on behalf of another user using GoldMine APs

    webmasterfbt1 Rookie

      I am trying to (re)configure Goldmine to send emails generated via an AP from one account which actually have a different return email address.

      - ie I am trying to spoof an email from a different account.


      The system was configured to do this by my predecessor and after numerous upgrades of Goldmine this 'feature' has stopped working and I have a lack of documentation on what he originally did, it's also possible that this was a 3rd party plugin but once again I have no documentation and cannot confirm this.


      Here is an overview of what I would like to achieve.


      Daniel (standard user)          [email protected] (SMTP, no pop)

      Rachel (standard user)         [email protected] (SMTP, no pop)

      Bob (web import user)          [email protected] (SMTP, POP)


      The Bob account is logged in and runs 24/7 it receives emails only - this is our web-import account. The web import will trigger an AP which will then perform an action of "E-mail message" for either Daniel or Rachel and queue this.


      The Daniel & Rachel (sales people) accounts are not used - they are effectively dummy accounts with valid email addresses we want emails being sent from our system to have come from these users.


      As Bob is logged in all the time, we would like this account to clear all queued emails for Daniel & Rachel as part of Bob's configured schedule which is running via a service agent.


      So I found a forum discussion via Google titled 'Sending  "spoofed" email using GoldMine APs' by Scottie Sharpe dated September 2010 which sounds very similar to what I want to achieve (not sure if I am allowed to link off site here) I set this up in a clean version of Goldmine but could not get the 'group' emails to be sent.


      If I log in as either Daniel or Rachel I can see the queued emails and I can send these successfully so the SMTP settings are correct.

      - pop fails as expected because I have not configured the POP account for these users. As I write this though I just a thought - if receiving emails fails, would this then stop the whole process so the sending of emails never gets looked at? - I will test this and update when I have a result.


      Meantime, it would be great if any other Goldmine Administrators or the like who have done things similar could advise on their approach or possibly can point out where I have gone astray.




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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup



          I clearly don't know for sure how it was setup ORIGINALLY, nor why this might STOP working.


          However, the first place I would look is:


          1. Under BOB's own email settings, I would setup email "accounts" for both Daniel & Rachel.
          2. As you speculated, I would have a working POP account setup for both of these accounts, under Bob's email settings.  (I've done this, even using a "bogus" POP account, to meet the need.  That is, a non-legitimate POP account that nobody would ever use, BUT that would allow an "attempt" at retrieval.)
          3. Then for both of these accounts (again, under Bob's settings), make sure they are set to "auto-retrieve".
          4. Lastly, under Bob's email settings Retrieval tab, make sure NOT ONLY that "Retrieve mail every ?? minutes" is checked, but ALSO that "Send queued messages" is ALSO checked.


          In my experience, if the Daniel & Rachel accounts, under Bob's settings, do have "usable" POP settings AND they are set to AUTO-RETRIEVE AND Bob's overall email is set to auto-retrieve, then as long as the "Send queued messages" option is checked, Bob's auto-retrieval interval OUGHT to also empty Daniel and Rachel's queued outbox emails.  At least that has been my experience with a number of clients through the years.


          Hope this feedback helps.

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            webmasterfbt1 Rookie

            Thanks John, I will review my configuration and update where needed and see if it works correctly.

            ------ UPDATE ------


            So after checking the SMTP settings and updating the POP settings still no luck, emails are created via the AP successfully.

            This AP creates a pending for a contact and the User(/Owner?) of the pending is 'Daniel'  and code "Q" and activity "OutMail"

            This just sits there and refuses to send under the automated system..the goldmine process monitor output screen shows both accounts being checked via POP successfully

            If I edit the (email-out) pending, I see that the From address is [email protected] if I hit send this email goes out and has the correct return address and appears to have come from Daniel.


            Send queued messages is enabled under Bob and for Daniel's account (logged into Goldmine Daniel) I have enabled this feature too


            I am more than happy to modify an ini file if I need to manually update configuration....

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              webmasterfbt1 Rookie

              So I think I have found a solution and annoyingly it is very simple. Of all the search phrases I tried in Google and all the people I have pestered about this "bug" no-one mentioned this one line in the ini file that looks like it does the job.




              Placing this in the INI file for Bob under [Internet] has sent my email as from Daniel !! W00t

              I need to check if I can repeat this for Rachel too but so far so good.


              I hope this helps anyone in the future attempting to do this!


              When all else fails RTFM

              GoldMine INI Settings


              I also needed to have the SMTP  settings configured for each user account - ie logged in as Daniel / Rachel. POP settings were not needed for Bob to send emails as Daniel or Rachel


              ----- PROGRESS -----

              so this change has now been running for the last 15 hours now and is working correctly.

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                John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

                Interesting.  I've simply never had to directly deal with the SendQueueFor= setting (wasn't even aware of it by name).  As stated before, I've accomplished this need by configuring the various settings within the GM interface, and have seen it work just like you need.


                For all I knew, by configuring things the way I stated, maybe it then SET the SendQueueFor= setting as needed?!?!?


                At any rate, glad to see you got it working.  Thanks for sharing.

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                  Doug Castell Expert

                  Looks like you got it sorted out, but, just to make you aware, I've created a 3rd party product that provides extended functionality surrounding e-mail and APs and such.  It can send e-mail to appear to come from whichever salesperson/user is appropriate based on any number of conditions.  It can also send e-mail (or just GoldMine e-mail) TO an address/user pulled from a flat field on a contact record... 


                  And much more..  


                  Read all about it, check out the manual, etc. here: Castell Computers » MailGo for GoldMine