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    Displaying a group of contacts on Google Maps

    KSmith1 SupportEmployee

      Mapping a single contact record is fairly straight forward and GM Premium includes a GM+ view for simple mapping of a contact record.

      That being said, a question that we sometimes get is how to map a group (or filter) of contact records on a  single Google map.

      Utilizing GoldMine's search center and this simple mapping website, allows GoldMine users to quickly map a group of contacts onto a single google map.


      A typical example of this is…Im going to be Toronto tomorrow, what other prospects or customers do I have there that I can also visit or call on.


      Steps to accomplish this:

      1 query the gm database for contact records in ‘Toronto’

      2 right mouse click and select ‘Output to Clipboard\All Entries’ (make sure you have City, State, Zip, Address in your search results as columns)

      3 in your web browser go to ‘www.batchgeo.com’

      4 Right mouse click and paste your data into the data grid

      5 Scroll down and your contacts are displayed in a single google map…click on the pins to see the details of the contact if you like